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Forcefield Protective Headgear™ for all ages.

Canadas #1 & only safety certified Universal Headgear !!!

Headstrong Kids Canada has discovered a safety certified device, new to Canada, for contact sports and leisure activities.

What if we could reduce our children’s risk of head injury for non-helmeted sports too?

Now we can!

Helps protect and boost safety spirit:

  • soccer players
  • at school, at the gym or on the field
  • on monkey bars at the park
  • cheerleaders practicing pyramids
  • figure skaters over level 5
  • curling

This multi-patented, lightweight headband (headband NOT helmet) conceals strong helmet polymer, patented and safety certified by the world’s leader in testing personal protective equipment. Reduces impact force up to 80%.

Recommended by neurosurgeons and pediatricians around the world, including Canada’s own. Here’s what Ontario's Dr. Jeff Weisbrot ha to say about the device:

“It’s a huge problem and anything to prevent head injury is welcome. Not only reducing impact, this Forcefield headband can prevent hematomas and lacerations and scrapes, all good to reduce head injuries. I am glad to help spread the word.”

Dr. Jeff Weisbrot, MD, FRCP (C), Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Behavioral Counseling, Medical Education Specialist, Private Practitioner, Pediatric. Director of Medical Education, MacKenzie Health. Accomplished past Chief of Pediatrics York Central Hospital and Staff Physician, The Hospital for Sick Children. Published Author on Child Care

What does it look like? For more information on Forcefield® call 1-800-747-6882.

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  • Protecting your head in non-helmeted sports is important too! 

    Forcefield protective headbands are safety certified as headgear by the world's leader in testing personal protective equipment. #1 in the United States and Europe. Now in available in Canada. Park safety, soccer safety and more . . .

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